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Collaborative Workspace

The project brief is to create a collaborative office space that is aligned to the company brand’s guidelines.


We explored ways to work creatively within the client’s brief with the play of privacy and to create a workplace that is the perfect balance between work and play.


The collaboration space (working corner) allows people to break out from their usual desk setting for creative brainstorming and discussion. Wood slats are placed in a series to divide the space from the corridor; this allows the semi-private space to still be inviting and visually connected to the outside.


The multipurpose tunnel was conceived as a flexible venue convertible to the client’s desire. In here we used tinted mirrors that go from wall to ceiling, allowing the visual expansion of the space. The result is not only a space that takes the form of any activity it contains, but also a stark contrast to the collaboration space that it seamlessly blends into.

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