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MBC Rooftop Bar/Lounge

The first step was to challenge existing typology of clinical design; we redesigned the clinic based on spatial qualities more commonly seen in a hospitality/hotel context. We eliminated angles by establishing smooth transition between spaces in a continuous movement to create an environment that is a continuous ‘skin’ with the use of materials. Curved timber slatted walls softened the edges of the area coupled with the use of serial-planed ceilings create a more inviting atmosphere straying away from the 'clinical' look.


The materials were specifically chosen so that nothing radically stands out therefore giving a soothing visual effect, taking into account the best interest of the patient’s experience.


As the medical facility has a few stakeholders within, we turn to technology to solve spatial constraints and aesthetical issues that are intertwined with clinical typology such as having many reception counters, call number display and wayfinding.

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