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Rigel Office & Showroom Singapore

The Project brief is to create a workspace and showroom for Rigel, we were tasked to create a fun and interesting space for discussion yet it has to be in a controlled and confidential setting for R&D department.


The reception for the office area was designed to be clean, fluid and spacious. Mainly, white was used with it common association with sanitary ware products. We also explored techniques of sculpting the reception counter to break away from its rigidity.


The concept of the area is to create a flexible, cozy and comfortable space for end users. A change of floor height was done to the discussion area as a divider with the intention to bring the outdoor sky garden experience into space.


Breakout areas such as snack lounges were carefully placed for users to select their own space for discussions or social gatherings.


In the showroom, we also create a multi-sensorial exhibition showcasing how Rigel products define different user experiences to specific crowds. This is done through exhibiting the products through a number of mediums ranging from the video presentation, live demo, residential and commercial showroom, and the massive display of sanitary wares and accessories.


We created a showroom that is flexible and to represent Rigel’s corporate image through the diversity of products. The multifunctional space executed visual profiles of the products applied in different scenarios such as commercial, residential, open lounges and restrooms.


We designed the exhibition fixtures to be flexible whereby the modular display could be movable and restructured based on the client’s needs. Some of these fixtures are designed to allow visibility from the outside and inside


The showroom is partially visible from the counter creating a sense of curiosity and the build-up of anticipation of the visitor from the entrance.

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